The Crooked Spire is a 40 minute musical history of Chesterfield with the story told mostly by "The Spire".  It was written around 1979-80, originally for a massed children's choir at an annual junior schools' festival.  As I'm an oboist I wrote the accompaniment for a wind quintet which might be unique for a choral work.

In its final version an adult choir was added, and the Chesterfield bass-baritone COLIN WHEATLEY agreed to sing The Spire.  This version was performed twice "at home" in the lovely acoustic of the Crooked Spire church, and it also had airings on local radio.  The recording was made shortly afterwards with the same performers, also in the Crooked Spire church.

Sadly it has not been performed since, but I hope that will now change, especially as there are now good quality scores & parts. For a sample try the Coal Scene, for video use I've added some pictures, titles and occasional comments.

Part one

Part two

Coal scene

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