About me!

I bought my narrowboat in 2007 and have lived on it since 2008.  Her name is GORATHIMN.  At first I moored in Shardlow marina, then in 2013 I became a continuous cruiser.  I've covered a good chunk of the English canal network since then.

In contrast to canals rivers can be tricky when cruising alone. There can be strong currents and many fewer places to stop, but I have cruised the Thames and the Trent.  The Thames is still my favourite waterway - ever since my first boating holiday at age 14 after 4 years of pestering my parents.  To their surprise they both liked it and booked another hire boat, again on the Thames, 

Bourne End.jpg

This is Bourne End on the upper Thames.  When cruising upstream you leave behind the Cookham lock cut and the river opens out into this splendid reach.  A bit further on is Marlow and then Henley, two of the most famous places on the non tidal Thames.